Over the past several decades, the Arts & Crafts style, made famous in the late 1800′s & early 1900′s, has become more popular than ever. Furniture styles of that period are being mass produced by companies worldwide, which goes against the very reason for the Arts & Crafts movement; the Arts & Crafts movement was as a revolution against poorly made industrialized goods of all types, not just furniture. Because of historic visionaries of that era, such as Elbert Hubbard of Roycroft fame, America experienced a rebirth of skilled craftspeople who flourished due to the artistic outlet they were afforded in the hand making of some of the most beautiful and durable goods ever.

As the sole artisan here at Floyd East – Furniture For Life, I design and produce furniture that is influenced by the great designers of the original Arts & Crafts movement, such as Elbert Hubbard, Charles and Henry Greene, and Gustav Stickley. Much of the original Roycroft furniture and Stickley furniture was made for the sensibilities of that era; such was the tradition of single beds. There was very little Greene & Greene furniture made, but it was some of the most beautiful to come out of that period of American history. For me, “Furniture For Life” means that the furniture I design and build will not simply last a lifetime, but also enrich the lives of those who have the product of my vision and labor in their homes.

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